Always Open for Birth

What is Doula Woman?

 Doula Woman provides birth and postpartum doula services to people of all lifestyles in southeast Wisconsin.  This is a judgment-free zone.  At Doula Woman you get body-mind-spirit support during your pregnancy, birth, and when you are a mother.  From the first prenatal on, Doula Woman moves with your  rhythm. You grow in self-trust benefiting your family, yourself, and the world.

​Doula Woman offers more than labor support.

I, Martha, am the owner and primary doula of Doula Woman.  I provided 55 client services in 2017.  I am a certified birth doula by both Well Rounded in Milwaukee and as a hypno-doula.  Other credentials include: postpartum doula,  prenatal yoga, reiki, CPR, Spinning Babies (pelvic balance moves), breastfeeding peer counselor, ICEA childbirth educator,  sensitivity training, and blood born pathogens (for placenta encapsulation).

My birth doula experience includes:

-homebirth - birth center- hospital


​-intervention free hospital birth

- both very long and fast labors

-  both hands-on partner support and minimal partner support

-medically managed labors including inductions, epidurals and csections.

-premature births

-service to women: single women, high risk, with anxiety,  pregnancy loss, and from a wide age range. 

My postpartum experience includes: 

-lactation support

-emotional support

- caring for baby and chores while you sleep

-sibling care



- easy meal preparation.

My prior career was cardiac ultrasound tech so I bring much experience working with doctors and  nurses  in

​the health care system.