Milwaukee doula Martha(certified x 2)

Home birth-Birth Center-Hospital


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 DOULA WOMAN is pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support free from judgment.

Always Open for Birth

 STATS FOR 2017 to 2018

  • 100%  vaginal births for midwife clients (both in-hospital and home)
  • 99% vaginal births with spontaneous labor (labor began naturally-not by chemicals)
  • 80% vaginal births total (area average about 68%)
  • 32% labor induction births (area average about 55%)
  • 113 client services total:  birth and postpartum doula, placenta encapsulation, child-care, reiki, bereavement, other


over 70 births attended

  •  BIRTH: vbac's, high risk, long labors, premature, physiologic, epidurals, inductions, csections, single people,  in-vitro conceptions, high anxiety clients+
  • Partner doula support is tailored to your dynamic
  • ​POSTPARTUM:  breast-feeding help, baby care help, emotional support, listening,  chores, child-care +
  • ​traditional or hypno-doula options


  • Certified birth doula by  Well Rounded in Mke and  Hypnobabies. DONA trained
  • 18+ years work in standard healthcare as a cardiac ultrasound tech, CPR is current
  • Prenatal yoga certified
  • Reiki practitioner 
  • ​Breast feeding peer counselor certified
  • Blood Born Pathogens certified (for placenta encapsulation) 
  •  Spinning Babies (pelvic balance moves)
  •  Birth Inclusivity Training
  •  Free Birth (aka unassisted birth) course
  • Postpartum and CBE trained by ICEA

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