Homebirth-Birth Center-Hospital

Thank-you for your interest.

I am Milwaukee doula Martha. A doula by natural calling.

Feel free to ask me anything.  People of all  lifestyles welcome.  I support single women and people with partners.

My philosophy:  You open for pregnancy and birth and parenthood with self trust as you build your support circle.

When you keep your voice and your power at this time you create a healthy path for yourself, your baby, and your family.  Sometimes when you give away your power obstacles happen. And what happens during your pregnancy and birth effects your family forever.

 As birth doula:short births, VBAC, birth center, homebirth, natural births in hospital, mildly to highly medically managed births, people of various sizes, lifestyles, experiences, and priorities. 

Postpartum experience:  emotional support, breastfeeding support, sibling help (I play with your older children), cry-it or talk-it out, space for you to sleep, light household chores.  

I serve as an extension of you.

I am seasoned and spunky and my children are adults.  I learn from them.

I navigate the system on behalf of family members and worked with docs and nurses for years.

I work at the Riverwest Co-op in Riverwest and Blooming Louts bakery on the Eastside.