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I, Martha,  am a doula by natural calling. Feel free to ask me anything.    I created Doula Woman because women are beautiful and spiritual and draw from an ancient wisdom.  We often give away our power.  Your instincts, feelings, and priorities, are valid and should be honored. This plays out during your fertility in so many ways as you open.  I am here for you, the birthing person.

I am now a reproductive justice activist.

I serve postpartum because  historically women have had about 40 days to settle in with their newborn and do nothing but care for themselves and their newborn.  This is a pivotal point in your parenthood journey.

I am seasoned and spunky and I love that my life and my work are interwoven. I navigate the system on behalf of family members and have done this for decades.  My own children are adults.  I had doula support with my third birth, and the positive repercussions are felt decades later.

I  run,  practice yoga, swim, and walk (especially by the river). I strongly believe in outdoor therapy and I am forever thankful for coffee. In addition to full-time plus doula work I volunteer at the Riverwest Co-op, work at the Blooming Lotus bakery, lead prenatal yoga, and walk all around town.