Birth Doula‚Äč:

Pregnancy, labor, and birth support.  This support is non-judgmental in that I support you as your path curves and twists and soars, and I am not an authority figure.  I respect you.  I respect your choices. When you choose homebirth, birth center, or hospital birth, and if and when these plans change, I am the "woman who stands by."  My support is fluid.

The prenatals are carved to serve your specific situation and can include some or more of the following:  partner tips, sort out concerns of any kind, information about area hospitals, midwives, birth centers, and how protocols vary among area hospitals, pre-natal yoga, reiki, birth preferences, spinning babies, referrals, hypno-birthing, process prior traumatic births,childbirth education, and breast-feeding information.

My work is 100% non-medical meaning doula scope is totally separate from midwife scope.  I do not assess you or your baby for risks, or provide care such as cervical exams, fetal health assessments, newborn health assessments, or advise about your body during labor such as blood loss, blood pressure, position of fetus, etc.


Doula support when you are home with your baby.  This, too, is non-judgmental in that my support is for people of any lifestyle.  My role is free from telling you what you should or should not do for yourself and your family.

Primarily I listen to you, care for baby/children while you sleep, light chores or meal prep., referrals, walk together, help with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, baby wearing, and help you get set up with a pattern that is best for you.

This service has openings for 2-6 hour slots Monday-Friday 8:30 to 5 p.m. When you sign for the combo. package you may get one overnight slot.  So my postpartum doula work is almost all day shift.

Milwaukee doula Martha

Judgement free doula support  to all people