I am a doula by natural calling.

Always open for birth.


  • over 100 births attended
  • Homebirth-Birth Center-Hospital
  • Physiologic birth 
  • VBAC's
  • Medically managed birth including induction, epidural, and csections
  • Long labors, fast labors, and labors with unexpected turns
  • Traditional or hypno doula option
  • Single people, partner highly involved, partner less involved
  • Premature birth, NICU babies, other "complications"
  • Experience serving people from a variety of birth and life experiences including trauma
  • Emotional support and "talk it through"
  • Breast-feeding, bottle feeding and pumping support
  • Sibling help, chores, referrals, baby wearing
  • Overnight as part of the deluxe doula package
  • Referrals to area professionals for postpartum depression and more



  • Certified  doula x 2:   Well Rounded Maternity + Hypnobabies
  • 18+ years work in cardiac ultrasound, Basic Life Support renewed in 2019
  • Prenatal yoga certified 
  • Reiki practitioner 
  • ​Lactation support for doulas certified
  • Blood Born Pathogens certified (for placenta encapsulation) 
  •  Spinning Babies (pelvic balance moves)
  • Trainings : Free Birth course,  Physiologic birth, Birth Inclusivity, Oils, Holistic Birthkeepers (in process)+
  • ​​Postpartum and Childbirth education,  ICEA

262 902 8714

​doulawoman@gmail.com (text if email problem)

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