YOGA is for everyone.  Prenatal and postpartum yoga meet you where YOU are at.

I lead prenatal yoga and I love this!  Find me at Invivo and sometimes the Womb Room, and ask about individual sessions. Yoga can also be part of a prenatal or a postnatal meeting.

Create space in your body and mind for yourself,  your baby and your motherhood journey.  


REIKI is the opening of universal energy channels through light touch or "hover  over." I am a certified reiki practitioner by Yoga and Friends.  I offer reiki as a separate service, as part of your prenatals, and as part of your labor support.  

Most people find this relaxing.  It can "open" up some emotions or places in your body where you have stuffed negative emotions or experiences, so a reiki session can be intense.

Doula support to all people  from  Martha at Doula Woman

Always open for birth